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It's been sometime since I've written here.

After everything fell apart earlier this year, there was no need.

No Master to write to, no Master to write for.

That has not changed, I am still very much on my own - now more than ever it seems.

He is taking a break - from me

So he can make sure he is his own man, that he can be the sort of man that I deserve - or something like that.

I just miss him

You don't realize how much you love talking to someone until you can't anymore - and not just that you can't talk to them for the weekend, or you can write them an email that will be responded to later, but you can't talk to them. They're just gone.

Even when everything fell apart, he was still there, still there for me to cry with and comfort and laugh with, he was there for me to be mad at and to cling to desperately.

And now he's gone

I know this will be good, that if we end up together again after this, it will be stronger and more beautiful than anything we had before, but this time now.

This time in between

It sucks.
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