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Just checked the old blog ... got into the habit of that, hoping maybe he'd update

i hate not talking, plain and simple

thought i was being silly, even considered making a blog post about the silliness of looking for an entry i am almost positive won't be there

and then there it was

not much, just a small note, 2 sentences.

but goodness

it's enough for now, just to know that he's still out there, still thinking about the possibility of us.


I am sure I sound pretty emo in these entries, but i don't really care enough what anyone else thinks about them.

I just want to write what I'm thinking about during these weeks that we'll be apart, I want to have a record of this, for me ... and maybe for him if he wants it. But I want a place where I can see the things I'm thinking, where I can go back and see them, and see how my thoughts evolve over these weeks.

For a person like me, 5 weeks is a long time. Long enough for major changes in all aspects of my life, and I just want to make sure that this area is saved.

So yeah ... that's what this is.

It's for me, So I have a place to vent when I need it, and a place to work out my thoughts and my emotions in ways that I can't in others.

and I don't know why I feel the sudden need to explain myself, especially when there is probably only one other person besides myself reading these at the moment - but there you have it.
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